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By Lisa Hutchcraft Whitmer

Each year when we pull out our Christmas decorations, we have some Nativities that are missing their people. One is missing Mary - a little problem. Sometimes it's a missing wise man or shepherd, which thankfully isn't as much of a crisis! One year it hit me that what was really missing was... me.

Oh, I'm all about Christmas. And I'm sure you join with me - we each have our own list we're checking twice, crossing off the shopping, organizing, decorating, wrapping, delivering, traveling, cooking, eating, working. I can hardly say it all, and yes, we can hardly do it all.

Yet in the middle of our crazy, a baby beckons us to His cradle in a stable - and to a cross. The Bible says "He loves me and gave Himself for me." And He chose to die to get rid of the junk that keeps us from Him. All so we can have a relationship with Him.

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