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By Brad Hutchcraft

When my oldest son, Caleb, was little my wife asked him to put away his Mr. Incredible figure at the end of play time. A little later she glanced at the shelf but the action figure wasn't there. Caleb simply pointed to a small wooden nativity. There was Mr. Incredible, kneeling beside the wise men. There were chuckles at first but then it hit. Everyone is welcome into the Christmas story.

In the midst of our Christmas to do list it's important to pull away and spend time remembering who Jesus is and why He came. In the Bible Jesus says, "I have come that they may have life" (John 10:10). Jesus, the perfect Lamb of God, died on the Cross and rose again for me and for you to be forgiven. To have life. You're part of the Christmas story because you are why Jesus came.

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