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I was four, and it was my first picture on Santa's lap. I'm stone-faced, leaning as far as away as I can get. It was crazy - I was scared to get close to the one who just wanted to give me something.

You know, it's easy to make that mistake - with God. Maybe things have happened to you that have made it hard for you to trust anyone. Including the One who loves you the most. Your Creator. You've been leaning away from Him...and your "my way" choices have put distance between you and your God...and all He wants to do is give you His love, His forgiveness, His heaven.

Here's what the Bible says God did for you that first Christmas - "He did not spare His own Son, but gave Him up for us all" (Romans 8:32). God sent Jesus to die for you. And anyone who loves you enough to die for you will never do you wrong.

If you're ready to experience this love that you've been missing so long, we're waiting to help you begin this relationship at 888-NEED-HIM or you can chat with us live at

This can be your first Christmas with Christ in your heart!



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