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We'd stopped in the rustic little chapel of this wonderful Christmas theme park. And that's when Santa came in. No bag of toys, no ho-ho-ho. As I glanced across the aisle, there was Santa on his knees, hands folded, eyes closed in fervent prayer.

How cool is that! The man so many think Christmas is about, on his knees worshiping the One it's really all about! Actually, the Bible says, "At the name of Jesus every knee will bow" (Philippians 2:10). When we see Him, we'll all know, we'll all acknowledge the Man who died for us as the King of all kings.

For some, that will be a day of meeting the One they pinned their hopes for eternity on. For others, a day of realizing they should have bowed to Him when they had a choice. Savior for some. Judge for others. How about you?

Maybe this Christmas is your time to choose Jesus to be your Savior from your sin. Well, if so, let us help you. Go to

Bow to Him now so you're ready to meet Him then.



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