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Two and a half feet of snow had just left a million people without power where we were! We checked into the motel before the storm, but now as I stood at the front desk the phone rang incessantly. The answer was the same every time, "Sorry, no room," click. Those are tough words to hear.

Jesus knows that feeling. The night He came, the inn keeper told His dad, "No room," and shut the door. Of course it wasn't the last time Jesus got shut out. A lot of us are so busy and so about running our own life we're basically saying, "Jesus, I like you, but I just don't have room for you." So Jesus can't get into a life that He died for...maybe yours.

He died to pay for the sin that would cause you to be shut out of heaven. But the Bible says, "To all those who received Him, He gave the right to become children of God" (John 1:12). If you open the door to the man who died for you, you can be sure He'll open the door of heaven to you. If you're ready to belong to Jesus, contact us at, because no room for Jesus means no chance of heaven.



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