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For one boy at an elementary school in California last Christmas, the school party was one he will never forget. As everyone watched a video greeting from Bobby's dad who was serving in Iraq, his dad suddenly walked in the room and scooped up Bobby in his arms. He got a father for Christmas!


Now, that's the gift that could make this the most memorable Christmas of your life. Because we were all made for a Father - the Heavenly Father who created us. No matter what your earthly father was like, we all have this Father-deficit in our hearts. Our recurring loneliness is ultimately a cosmic loneliness; we're lonely for God. Because, as the Bible says, we've all "wandered away from Him like sheep" (Isaiah 53:6). We're created to belong to God as our loving Father, but we're missing Him because we've cut ourselves off from Him.

Then Jesus came, to go to a cross to die for our sin. From that cross, Jesus said, "Father, forgive them," and He's waiting to forgive you this very day if you'll pin all your hopes on Him. If you want this day to be your Jesus-day, contact us at, and get your Father for Christmas.




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