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There's no sugar-coating it, retailers are running pretty scared this holiday season. A tanking economy could very well make their greatest fear come true, people spending less this Christmas.

That wasn't an option for God that first Christmas. In order for Him to give us the gift of eternal life in heaven, it would cost the life of His only Son.

The price for your life and mine is spelled out in these words in the Bible: "He did not spare His own Son, but gave Him up for us all." That's how much He loves you. That's how much He doesn't want to lose you, because we have no hope of a relationship with God; no hope of heaven unless a lifetime of sin is forgiven. And that took Jesus absorbing the hell of your sin and mine when He died on the cross.

Jesus chose to pay the price to give you this gift, but only you can choose to receive it. We'd love to help you do that if you'll just visit our website at, and accept the gift He paid for with His life.



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