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There's an Indian reservation where you can drive miles and miles and see no hint of Christmas; it's a long darkness with no lights.

But one Christmas Eve, Marcy literally saw the light as she staggered down the village street after another drinking binge. The church there was covered with lights, and she looked up and she saw the cross outlined in lights. A broken woman sought out the pastor's wife that night and made a life-changing choice. She opened her heart to the Christ of Christmas.

It could be that in the midst of all the lights of Christmas you're having a pretty dark Christmas: a broken family, a broken relationship, a broken heart, a broken life. It's in those dark times that so many have found the Savior, the Healer of broken hearts and lives. It's Jesus, the Rescuer who loved you enough to die for your sins. His Cross is where you'll find a new beginning. You can experience today these words from the Bible: "The people walking in darkness have seen a great light" (Isaiah 9:2).

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