Hundreds of Native Young People Impacted at Warrior Leadership Summit

"This has been a room of miracles this week!" Brad Hutchcraft, director of On Eagles' Wings, was so encouraged by the impact of this annual Native youth discipleship conference.

The theme this past week has been "Live free," and Native American young people were set free in so many ways.

Wes (Navajo) is on staff with Hutchcraft Ministries / On Eagles' Wings. He was one of the key speakers this week, who challenged the warriors to secure their identity in Christ. Wes observed, "There are a lot of native young men and women who are leaving this conference truly free! They came here with baggage, and left it at the cross!"

Over 20 warriors made the decision to declare their decision to follow Jesus through baptism. Wearing t-shirts saying, "No Turning Back." Sarah (Navajo) observed, "At the baptism, I saw the people coming out of the water, including a young boy about 15 years old, and he was singing along, 'I'm a child of God, Yes I am!'"

Sheena* first heard about Warrior Leadership Summit on social media. She says, "For my first year attending WLS I must say I was a bit hesitant. However WOW!! Just WOW!! We saw the love God has for me, and poured out to Native America. The Lord knew we needed this experience with our people."

Brad continues, "Pray this wouldn't just be a moment, but a movement across Native America."

From Ron Hutchcraft: final thoughts from WLS

On the night of the Gospel invitation, I told a freedom story. Told to me by an African-American brother as I looked at Cincinnati across the Ohio River from my Kentucky hotel room. He said, "Ron, my people called that river the Freedom Line. If a slave reached this shore in Kentucky, he was still in slave territory. But if he could get across this river to the Ohio side, he was free!" I told the WLS warriors that the real Freedom Line runs from Jesus' old rugged cross.

In the closing minutes of this liberating week, these young warriors, representing 62 tribes, were challenged to demonstrate their commitment to live free. To abandon whatever has shackled them. And to commit to Jesus writing the rest of their story. Their declaration? Coming to the front, stepping across a literal Freedom Line in front of the Cross and forming a line on the other side – from which they would welcome any who were making the same choice.

And they just kept coming. Until a double line stretched halfway around the auditorium. As fellow warriors crossed the Freedom Line, they were greeted by high fives and loud cheers. Much as His faithful may be welcomed some day as they cross His finish line in heaven.

That overwhelming response at Jesus' Freedom Line could be the beginning of what a spiritual revolution looks like on reservations across the continent. As warriors go back to their hope-starved communities as Jesus' Liberation Generation! And as one mighty "Live Free" army, they belted out that song that says it all - "Who the Son sets free, he is free indeed. I'm a child of God. Yes, I am!" Yes, they are. Free. Forgiven. His sons and daughters. His holy warriors!

The 2019 On Eagles' Wings team

On the final night at WLS, the 2019 On Eagles' Wings Summer of Hope team was introduced. Heading to seven reservations over the next several weeks, your prayers are vital!

Danny shared with his team members, "The first time I shared my hope story, something happened to me. My heart began to be transformed. Now I'm in Bible college. I'm the first person in my family to go to any college. On Eagles' Wings helped me get out of my comfort zone. I have joy now."

This is the impact of your partnership with us. Please continue to pray!

Financial Update

We are now at 84% of our total financial need for Summer of Hope 2019! If you'd like to help close the gap, and send a Native Team Member to reach their people for Jesus, please visit

* Name changed for privacy.



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