It was the Plutonium Warrior Leadership Summit!

Like the nuclear element that launched Doc's car into time travel in the movie "Back to the Future," God seemed to launch WLS to a whole new level this year! The story exceeds the words I can find to do it justice, but here are a few markers of the amazing move of God among hundreds of young Native warriors, representing 82 tribes.

  • More than one out of five young people there indicated they began a personal relationship with Jesus Christ! They came lost. They left found.
  • When the public invitation was given to come to the Cross on the second night, they did something we've never seen before. Instead of standing or kneeling on the floor in front of the Cross, with no prompting from the speaker, they immediately came right up on the platform, in the spotlight, facing everyone there. It was a bold step that said to everyone, "I am serious about giving my life to Jesus." And beyond the main sessions, they just kept coming to Jesus in the afternoon Battle Councils.
  • The speakers for four of the main sessions were Native young people - addressing head-on some of the most life-scarring issues of their generation - rampant suicide, sexual sin ("This is not my body - it's God's temple!"), spiritual strongholds. Each one was clearly anointed!
  • Leader after leader testified that the messages were some of the most powerful ever preached at WLS.
  • The final night, warriors were invited to come and publicly sign a banner with the Transformation Covenant with God. It detailed five "all-in" life commitments - costly commitments to a "no turning back" life. Much to our amazement, more than one third of the people there lined up to sign a covenant that could transform their family and their community.

All of us there felt as if we had been visited by God in a new and powerful way. In answer to your prayers! So many young Native lives - so long without hope - have been forever transformed!

"They were speaking about how Jesus died for me. The tears came out of nowhere. I went up to the cross in tears. Unafraid. I feel so loved. Free. Clean. Safe." - Young man from the Crow Reservation

"Our young people came here as campers. They are leaving as WARRIORS!" - Native youth leader

And now, 44 On Eagles' Wings warriors launch from WLS to 12 hope-starved reservations with the Message that transforms lives - and eternities. Carried by your prayers. Ready to fight for the lives of their people!



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