You would have been blown away.

God is moving powerfully in the hearts and lives of many Native young people this week at Warrior Leadership Summit.

Night #2 at WLS is Gospel night. Ron Hutchcraft presented the truth of the Cross, and how to begin a personal relationship with God.

For Native American young people, where there has been so much pain, and so much hurt, the offer for freedom, forgiveness, and a future is such Good News!

On this night, hearts were softened, walls came down, and chains were broken. Many came to the cross, and took a bold stand to belong to Jesus.

Please take two minutes to see the video highlights of this incredible evening.

Thank you for your prayers. And thank you for your partnership!

Financial Update: we are now at 76% of the total need for our Summer of Hope - all the expenses for the Warrior Leadership Summit, and the On Eagles' Wings team. Your gift today will help get us to the finish line.

God bless you!




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