Hundreds of warriors attended, representing 71 different tribes!

It was an amazing conference, with Native young people seeing that when it comes to following Jesus, they are not alone!

Netanya (Navajo) observed, "I saw chains being broken." In Native America, there is so much pain and damage from sin. What Jesus offers, because of His sacrifice on the cross, is such Good News! Many Native young people left here clean, forgiven, and with a new beginning in Christ.

One warrior shared, "Seeing people you know, giving their lives to God, it is really hopeful!"

The baptism service was a huge highlight. Many young Native warriors took this opportunity to boldly proclaim they now follow Jesus.

Another warrior wanted you to know, "We are so appreciative of everything you are doing. We are thanking you for all of the prayers."

It is so true! Most Christian youth conferences are funded through significant registration fees. For Native Americans, that financial model simply doesn't work. For lives to be impacted like this, it requires the prayers and support of hundreds of God's people. Thank you for your part!

In this video, Ron gives a financial update - we are still at only 52% of our total need for the Summer of Hope. Would you consider helping us close this gap with a gift today?

Now WLS 2017 is finished. One Native young person commented, "A lot of warriors are taking stuff back home to the reservation and being the light that they are supposed to be." It is incredible to think of how the light of Jesus is returning to reservations across this country through these warriors.

Now our team turns a big corner. We anticipate seeing God work through the On Eagles' Wings team during the Summer of Hope. Please pray for strength, safety, and protection as these warriors embark on this incredible journey to rescue Native young people for Jesus.

God bless you!



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