"I was just a face in the crowd."

That is how many Native young people feel when they first attend the Native youth discipleship conference, Warrior Leadership Summit.

And yet over and over again, God gets ahold of these lives. And these faces in the crowd begin to emerge as mighty warriors for Jesus!

This is the 25th year of Ron Hutchcraft Ministries taking an active role in outreach to the youth of Native America. The annual Warrior Leadership Summit conference continues to produce "fruit that lasts."

Before he met Jesus, Dustin (Muscogee Creek) was a drug user, and drug dealer on a remote Native reserve. He attended Warrior Leadership Summit, and got serious about following Jesus.

Today, God is using Dustin to share the Gospel with his people on numerous reservations across this country. Dustin wants to continue to grow and emerge as a leader for his people, and is going into his third year of seminary!

This week at Warrior Leadership Summit, hearts are being transformed once again. And future leaders for Native America are being born!

Thank you for your part. God is on the move!



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