William came to Warrior Leadership Summit seven years ago. Tonight, he shared his powerful story with the warriors.

"Before I came here to WLS years ago, I said 'If this doesn't help, I'm going home and taking my life.' But that all changed because Jesus came in. Now I'm standing in front of you guys 'cause this hope Jesus Christ brought to me."

It was on this night, seven years ago, when William first gave his heart to Christ!

Over the years, hundreds of Native young people have chosen to follow Jesus during the "Gospel night" at Warrior Leadership Summit.

In this 25th anniversary year of WLS, Ron again shared the timeless message of Jesus and His cross.

Ron shared, "Because of the man named Jesus, you may have felt dirty when you walked in here, but you're going to walk out clean inside tonight, because only Jesus can clean us on the inside."

Native young people, who came from across the continent, were riveted to Ron's words.

"God really loves you. Your death penalty for your sin is finished tonight, because Jesus was finished for you on the cross."

The warriors were given a chance to choose to begin a relationship with Jesus. And the response was instantaneous.

Thank you so much for your prayers, and support! We rejoice in the countless changed lives like William, and many more again tonight, who began their relationship with Jesus on Gospel Night at WLS.

You are helping make this possible!

God bless you!



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