God is on the move in Native America!

This is a very special year at the Native American discipleship conference called "Warrior Leadership Summit." We are celebrating 25 years of life-changing impact through this event you have helped make possible!

One Native young person shared his experience at WLS: "They told me about this man named Jesus. Growing up, I always heard, 'That's a white man's God.' But His love changed me! I never felt so loved by anyone. It was like weights lifted off my shoulders. Jesus saved my life. He gave me hope."

On reservations across this continent, many young people feel just like this young man. Feeling worthless. Ready to end it. Desperately needing to know how much Jesus loves them.

And then they come to Warrior Leadership Summit. They realize they are not alone. And many choose to follow Jesus!

Please take a moment to view this video update. It is encouraging to hear how God has been changing lives of Native young people for 25 years.

Thank you for praying for this powerful week at Warrior Leadership Summit.

God bless you!


P.S. Native scholarships are still needed to help cover the cost of this conference. Will you please sponsor a warrior today? Your gift of $45 makes possible a day at Warrior Leadership Summit. Your $90 gift makes possible two days. And your gift of $225 sponsors a Native young person's total life-changing experience at WLS! Thank you!



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