Years ago, one of the ladies who cooked for the team summarized what she witnessed in three never-forgotten words...

Chasing God's Glory!

Again this summer, that's exactly what we were doing for five supernatural weeks. And the work God began continues - as we get reports back from the follow-up events put on by our local reservation partners.

Pray for those partners - there's some real excitement as they seize the momentum to build the OEW moment into a movement. And pray for those precious warriors as they go back changed to environments that haven't. Your prayer can - as it has all summer - make the difference for them!

As we "chased God's glory" this summer, here's some of what we saw.

Every warrior was living proof that no matter how broken, how wounded the life, Jesus can make all things new.

Forty-six young warriors modeled what the Church of Jesus ought to be. Praying fervently. Fighting together instead of fighting each other. Letting their hearts be broken for the things that break the heart of God. Refusing to be defined by their wounds or their pain. Choosing instead to live like sons and daughters of God.

And refusing to let their fears keep them from telling about their Jesus. Boldly proclaiming the love and power of their Jesus in places hostile to that message. And transparently sharing their Hope Story, enabling God to turn their hurt into hope for others.

They were unstoppable. Because the stakes were eternal.

And because you prayed for them! Every battlefield victory was pre-won somewhere by a kneeling believer. Like you.

And because you sent them with your gifts! As we trust God now for the remaining unmet need of the summer, we praise Him for all He has already supplied to make this summer of miracles possible. One more miracle - the remaining $50,000 will make it total victory!

And now - knowing there is so much more than numbers can record - here is some of what our amazing God did in the Summer of Hope 2018...

  • 46 "Walking Miracle" Warriors
  • Representing 28 tribes from the U.S. and Canada
  • Traveling over 3,000 miles
  • To 12 hope-starved reservations
  • 11 tribes or bands
  • Canvassing homes on 11 reservations
  • Leading 10 Youth Ministry Roundtables with committed follow-up partners, and
  • Leading 29 rescue events in 27 days!

Where our "Mighty to Save" Jesus used His Warriors to lead...

601 Native young people to begin a personal relationship with Jesus Christ!

To God be all the glory! Great things He has done!


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