You sent. The warriors went. And on ten reservations, Jesus came down.

There are two ways to tell the story of what God did through this holy partnership. First, the numbers.

  • 25 days
  • 2,700 miles
  • 10 reservations
  • 53 young Native warriors from 30 tribes
  • 23 powerful reservation outreaches
  • And 593 Native American young people who began a personal relationship with Jesus Christ!

Nearly 600 indicated commitments to Jesus Christ among Native Americans? That's a miracle! And God alone gets all the glory!

But there's more to the story of those you helped to rescue. This is, just as much, the story of the warriors you prayed for and supported.

They're a busful of miracles

I know their stories. But for Jesus, the warrior bus would have been half empty. Because at least half of them testify that they literally would be dead today if it weren't for Jesus. But He's gloriously saved them - to rescue others who will die unless they meet Jesus.

The broken hearts

There's never been a summer when I've seen so many warriors shed so many tears - over rez young people who would not come to Jesus. As one of our young men said, "I don't even know this guy, and my heart is broken for him!" These Native warriors can't stand to leave people lost. And I ask myself, "Where are the tears of my people for hearts without Christ?"

The boys to men

The most common thread in the Hope Stories of our warriors is the absence of a real father, a real man in their lives. That explains so much of the abuse, the addiction, the anger. But, as never before, we watched Native young men take leadership, pursue purity and pour out their hearts. That is an incalculably significant outcome of this Summer of Hope. Just ask the women of the team, who have prayed so long for godly male leaders among their people.

The relentless rescuers

They never stopped fighting. Rebuffed, they kept going back. Rejected, they prayed and tried again. God's "Velcro" rescuers, sticking with a young person, pursuing as Jesus pursues the lost sheep. The victories were hard-fought. The results incredible.

The heartfelt repentance

Confession. Sorrow. Tears. Forgiving. Forsaking. These young warriors, with such broken pasts, did deep and difficult business with God this month. And, in so doing, allowed God to just pour out His power on them.

The revised life plans

Many will point back to July of 2013 as the crossroads where God changed their life plans. Their "burning bush" where God called them to commit their lives to His service...and to reach their people as only they can. And, with some scholarship help from OEW, at least 25 of them will be pursuing Biblical education this next year. The ripple effects of just this one outcome of the Summer of Hope could rock Native America.

Cissy spoke for many on the team when she said: "OEW is just amazing. I joined the team for a life-changing experience. My view of the world is completely different than the day I started. I've been praying for my spiritual eyes to be open and for my heart to break for the ones who don't know Christ. And God answered my prayers. Not only that, but I have seen God move on the reservations we've been to. Nothing is sweeter than someone accepting Christ in their heart."

From the bottom of my heart, friend, thank you for the way you've prayed. For the way you've given. All these amazing outcomes have been nothing less than God's answers to your prayers. I can only ask Him to let you feel in your soul the joy, the wonder, the worship of one who has just been a part of an historic and awesome work of God.

"The Lord's hand was with them, and a great number of people believed and turned to the Lord." Acts 11:21

One Final Prayer, One Final Miracle...

There have been so many miracles this summer. Now we're trusting God for one more miracle - the remaining funds to finish what He's so wonderfully begun. The need is $78,000. God has stopped the storms...God has broken the spirit of resistance...God has swept young people to Christ...God has forever changed the lives of His warriors. We know He will meet this need. Thank you for praying...and, as He directs, for being a part of the answer.

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