Watch this exciting milestone moment construction update for the On Eagles' Wings Leadership Center.


Located on the 75-acre campus of Hutchcraft Ministries.

The On Eagles' Wings Leadership Center is a place where Native young men and women will be discipled and equipped to be lifetime Jesus-followers. They will be prepared with the skills and strategies needed to be messengers of hope to Indigenous and worldwide communities.

Brad Hutchcraft, Director of On Eagles' Wings says, "Our hearts are filled with anticipation as we think of strengthening these young warriors, and helping them learn more of God's big plan for their lives."

The vision is to see a Jesus-Generation rise up in Native North America, led by fully equipped Indigenous leaders, transforming Native communities through the power of Christ's Gospel and their Christlike lives.

Nick Liew (Jicarilla Apache), On Eagles' Wings Coordinator, says, "We're excited about the Leadership Center because there's such a need for it. Over the years, we've seen the On Eagles Wings team grow and progress to a whole new level. This center will help us further the growth in leadership that occurs when you get to do life together!"

It's a strategy that is 2,000 years old - the strategy of Jesus that transformed twelve ordinary men into world-changers. To provide extended discipleship and leadership development at the On Eagles' Wings Leadership Center, a unique facility of its kind devoted to Indigenous leaders and Indigenous ministry.

Ron Hutchcraft, founder of On Eagles' Wings says, "We are so excited by the generous support of so many of God's people who have helped make this vision a reality. Right now a volunteer construction team is on site, helping build the walls! To God be the glory!"

The first class of Native students will arrive this fall. Please continue to pray for the impact of the On Eagles' Wings Leadership Center. Pray God will work powerfully through the lives of many young Native men and women, as they emerge as leaders for their people for the cause of Christ.

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