This past July, hundreds of Native young people gathered together for the 28th annual Warrior Leadership Summit.

Young people arrived from all across North America, representing numerous U.S. states and 62 Native American tribes. This year, Canadian "First Nations" young people had the largest representation ever at a WLS.

"I am not alone!"

The most common response for Native young people at WLS is this: "Now I know I am not alone!"

Many Native American believers can feel lonely and isolated, since quality biblical community is extremely rare. This is why Warrior Leadership Summit is such a vital week of ministry for Native groups year after year.

WLS 2019"This has been a room of miracles this week!" Brad Hutchcraft, director of On Eagles' Wings®, was so encouraged by the impact of this year's conference.

The theme this past year was "Live Free," and Native American young people were set free in so many ways.

Wes (Navajo) is on staff with RHM / On Eagles' Wings. He was one of the key speakers this week, who challenged the warriors to secure their identity in Christ.

Wes observed, "There are a lot of Native young men and women who are leaving this conference truly free! They came here with baggage, and left it at the cross!"

Over 20 warriors made the decision to declare their decision to follow Jesus through baptism. They victoriously wore t-shirts saying, "No Turning Back."

Sarah (Navajo) observed, "At the baptism, I saw the people coming out of the water, including a young boy about 15 years old, and he was singing along, 'I'm a child of God, yes, I am!'"

Sheena first heard about Warrior Leadership Summit on social media. She says, "For my first year attending WLS, I must say I was a bit hesitant. However WOW!! Just WOW!! We saw the love God has for me, and poured out to Native America. The Lord knew we needed this experience with our people."

WLS 2019In the closing minutes of this liberating week, these young warriors were challenged to demonstrate their commitment to live free, and to abandon whatever has shackled them. Many committed to let Jesus write the rest of their story.

Warrior after warrior came forward to literally cross the Freedom line, greeted by high-fives and loud cheers.

Many lives were dramatically changed at Warrior Leadership Summit. God is raising up leaders in Native America.

Now, warriors are set to boldly share the hope of Jesus. Danny shared, "The first time I shared my hope story, something happened to me. My heart began to be transformed. Now I'm in Bible college. I'm the first person in my family to go to any college. This ministry has helped me get out of my comfort zone. I have joy now."

Ron Hutchcraft concludes, "The overwhelming response at Jesus' Freedom Line could be the beginning of what a spiritual revolution looks like on reservations across the continent. Warriors are going back to their hope-starved communities as His holy warriors, forgiven and free!"

Warrior Leadership Summit - Native Youth Discipleship Conference 2020

Warrior Leadership Summit 2020 is coming soon. This powerful conference will bring together hundreds of Native young people from across North America.

"For the first time I felt like I wasn't alone when it came to loving Jesus. I'm not longer afraid. WLS gave me a lot of tools I needed for living reservation life and being one of the only believers back home."

Please pray for WLS 2020. Plus, your gift of $100 will make possible a day of Warrior Leadership Summit. Please give today, to help sponsor a warrior. Your gift will help change a life!




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