Thank you for checking out "Go M.A.D. with Doug and Brad." Our goal with these blogs is to summarize some of the make-a-difference steps you heard on the podcast, so you can "Go Make a Difference"! We pray this will help encourage you to put these thoughts and ideas into action, and maybe even share them with a friend.

The countdown is on to Mother's Day, but let's face it - we can be making a difference for the "moms" in our lives year-round! In our current episode, we talk about how to do just that, whether it's your mom, your wife, or anyone else who bears that title. You may have a great relationship with your mother, no relationship at all, or your mom isn't around anymore and is greatly missed. Regardless of how Mother's Day affects you, we try to provide some practical steps to be an ambassador for Christ.

Here are the main points we discussed - listen in to hear more about these:

  1. Honor your mom's memory by pouring into others. Having a mom pass away is really hard. We know that firsthand. But, there are other moms out there who need encouragement. And there are children also missing their mom who you can love and encourage.
  2. Honor your mom if you have a good relationship with her, by writing a note with specific things you are grateful for about her. Some starters: "Mom, I love you for... Thank you for... I admire you because... I'll never forget the time you..."
  3. If you are a dad, honor your wife by talking highly of her with your children, and showing how much you love her by your actions and words. You could also write her a similar letter about the things you love about her in the role of "mom."
  4. Honor your mom if you might have a strained or broken relationship with her, by making things right from your end wherever possible. Is there something you need to seek her forgiveness about? Do it while there is still time. If there have been things done that would make it unhealthy to contact your mom if you have a broken relationship with her right now, you can still pray for your heart and her heart. Don't carry around a grudge and unforgiveness in your heart, even if you can't control what your mom carries in her heart. As long as there is breath, there is hope for a miracle in a broken relationship.
  5. Honor your mom who might not yet know Jesus by speaking words of gratitude. Is there a place she has shown sacrificial love? Generosity? Caring and concern for you or others? Tell her...thank her. Then, when the time is right (now or in the future) you can build a bridge by talking about Jesus' sacrificial love.

Finally, keep your eyes open for a mom God has put in your life who needs some extra encouragement - the single mom, a mom who has lost a child, a mom who has lost her husband. Whether it's an encouraging note, small gift, meal or something else, show them some love at a time of year where they may feel lonely and hurt.

We pray these steps will help you bring the hope of Jesus to others in this countdown to Mother's Day!

"Honor her for all that her hands have done, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate." Proverbs 31:31

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