Friday, June 27, 2014

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All eyes were on Mom. That would be my wife. See, we had just taken our daughter to college 800 miles from home. Her two younger brothers were also with us. Overall, we were pretty impressed at the way the college seemed to think of everything that might concern a parent. Actually, it seemed like they had all the bases covered.

So we started traveling home, and as I said, all eyes were on Mom. See, all three of the male Hutchcrafts expected Mom to cry when we said our final goodbye to her only daughter. My wife and daughter were very close; were then and still are. Well, we drove away and she didn't cry. We headed home and she didn't cry. No tears! Finally, after a while, I guess in frustration, the boys asked, "Why aren't you crying, Mom?" Typical teenage boys! I loved her answer.

I'm Ron Hutchcraft and I want to have A Word With You today about "When They're Out of Your Hands."

Our word for today from the Word of God comes from Isaiah 54:13. Oh, by the way, when my wife was asked why she didn't cry, she said, "Well, I only cry when I feel as if I'm leaving one of my children in a situation where they're not in good hands. Now, my daughter's in good hands. She's fine, so I'm fine." Well, as a parent, she was saying she could relax if she knew her child was in good hands.

Well, that's the spirit of Isaiah 54:13. Listen to this verse, "All your children will be taught of the Lord, and great will be the peace of your children." Isn't that great? If you belong to Christ, then your children are being watched over by Him. He echoes that in Isaiah 40:11 when it says, "He tends His flock like a shepherd. He gathers His lambs (that's your children) in His arms and carries them close to His heart."

See, Jesus goes where you cannot go with your kids. You wish you could, but He can. He provides for them what you cannot. He protects them when your arms can't reach that far. He brings them home when you don't even know where they are. You know what that means? You can let your children go. You can release them to the Lord.

So many parents are so afraid for their children that they over-manage their lives. They nag, they criticize, they smother them, second guess them and push them. And you can literally push a child into the very behavior you're trying to get them to avoid. Children who are over-pursued by a parent often become rebels to escape the pressure.

As a parent, my assignment is to hold up a mirror to my child so they can see the unique person God has created, and to see the weaknesses that could sink them. My mission is to discipline my child fairly and consistently so that they learn where life's boundaries are. And to present a relationship with Christ that is positive, exciting and practical as modeled in my everyday responses to situations. Gradually, to let them move toward independence; practicing freedom while they're still with me in growing increments. That was how my wife and I tried to make our home run.

You can only do that if you believe Isaiah 54:13 that "all your children will be taught by the Lord and great will be the peace of your children." Why not claim that promise for a child you love, for a grandchild you love? Pray it for them every day. And then, like my wife on the day she said goodbye to her daughter at college, you will have a very strange but very real sense of inner peace.

You'll know that your son or daughter is not in the hands of a school, or an employer, or a group of friends, or some hostile environment. Not when you trust that promise we gave you today. You can relax when you know you've left your child in the hands of God himself, because those are the hands you can totally trust.



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