Wednesday, October 5, 2005

I had the cutest little guy join me on my hike. I was out in the country exploring the trail that wound along the creek. First I just saw this little flash of black and white fur toddling along through the grass, not far from me. He was heading in the same direction I was. I told you he was cute; he was all black except for a nice white stripe all the way down his back, a big bushy tail, a cute little almost kitten-like face. I had been joined by a skunk! Two problems: one little spray and nobody would get near me for the next week. Secondly, it was daytime and skunks are nocturnal animals. If they're out in the daytime it can mean they have rabies! So, what did I do? Go pet him because he was so cute? No! Try to scare him off? I'm not suicidal! I did the only thing a guy with any brains would do, I walked quickly in the other direction and I didn't have to bury my clothes!

I'm Ron Hutchcraft and I want to have A Word With Youtoday about "The Skunk Approach."

Our word for today from the Word of God comes from 1 Thessalonians 4:3-4. It's practical advice from the inventor of sex on how to keep from spoiling his invention. It starts out by saying, "It is God's will that you should be sanctified." That word doesn't mean you're wearing a halo or a white robe. It literally talks about being kept for special purposes. He says it is God's will that, "you should avoid sexual immorality." That means any sexual relationship outside the boundaries of your marriage to your lifetime partner. And then he says His will is that each of you should, "control his own body." Control your passions; don't let your passions control you. This unique, powerful love gift is just too special to ruin. So God, the inventor, sums up His strategy for staying pure. You might think of it as the skunk approach. You see, I knew there was one way to keep from getting the skunks worst - don't play with him even if he looks like a cute little kitty! And don't try to resist him, you'll lose. Avoid him!

That's how God says we can protect the beauty of "no regrets sex." Avoid immorality. That's His word, don't get anywhere near the opportunity or the urge to do it outside of marriage. In practical terms this means avoiding four mistakes that can take you farther than you ever intended to go.

1. Avoid extended time alone: If you have feelings for someone and you're with them for very long time in a situation where you could get very physical, chances are you will.

2. Avoid exceeding the speed limit: In other words, don't get near the point where your body and mind are preparing themselves for sexual intercourse.

3. Avoid feeding your fantasies: By watching or listening to things that will just fuel your lust and make it harder to control.

4. Avoid squandering the innocent expressions of affection: Don't give away for nothing things like holding hands, a simple hug, a simple kiss. You need to guard those.

That skunk almost seemed to have a sign on him that said "I'm cuddly, come play with me!" I would have never been the same. Don't let sex too soon, or adulterous sex lure you to get so close to something that it will cost you more than you ever intended to pay, and take you where you never intended to go.

Don't pet it. Don't even fight it. Do what God, the inventor of sex says - avoid it.



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