Monday, September 1, 2014

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For four years my wife and I did whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted. It was the first four years we were married, just the two of us. Now I'm happy to say that neither of us required diapers or formula or having to have an early bedtime. And then along came this precious little bundle, our daughter. Our lives were never the same. Maybe you know that experience.

Now, as child number two, and child number three came along, that ability to do what we wanted when we wanted? Oh, that really diminished. And needs? Our needs didn't matter anymore. No, we had to consider our three children. Oftentimes, when we planned to do something, we were just too tired once we got everything together that they needed. Forget about it, you know?

Well, as the children got a little older, we began to choose things to do that they could do with us. Then their school schedule, of course, became a major factor in our schedule, and their feelings and their opinions became an issue in decisions from vacation to whether we were going to move or not. And we had someone else to shop for; someone else to buy for. Life for our house was a whole new adventure from the day another person joined our family.

I'm Ron Hutchcraft and I want to have A Word With You today about "One More Person at Your House."

Our word for today from the Word of God comes from 1 Chronicles 13:14. It's an inside look at a family that had a very unusual presence in their house. When you hear about the Ark of God in the Old Testament you know that that was the physical container for the presence of God as it were. So it says, "The Ark of God remained with the family of Obed-Edom in his house for three months. And the Lord blessed his household and everything he had."

You can just imagine the neighbors going, "Did you hear what's going on over at Obed-Edom's house? There's something exciting going on over there." Yeah, the glory of the Lord – the Ark of the Covenant – was in his house. Now the Ark is gone, but the glory is still moving in people's homes.

You see, we're all supposed to live really as Obed-Edom did, with a strong sense of God's personal presence right in our home. What a privilege! It's the great responsibility of a Christian parent to see that our children grow up knowing that Jesus lives at our house.

We had Mom and Dad and three children, and I always hoped that our kids would so feel the reality of Jesus that they would tell you that six people lived at our house. Your kids ought to say there's one more person than they can see living there, because Jesus lives there.

See, too many homes have Jesus as a belief or a list of rules, or someone whose meetings we attend but not a member of the family; the ruling member, the one who casts the deciding vote on family choices. The glory of the Lord fills the house where Jesus is an acknowledged member of the family. So, is He at your house? Do your kids sense the reality of this presence as you talk to Him and as you pray with them?

You know, they'll find out that He's really there when you consult Him often, when you talk about Him in your big things and your little things of your life, when you include Jesus' perspective when you're talking about your bills, or a biology test, or boyfriends, or girlfriends, when you include Him as part of your mealtime conversation, when you continually seek His opinion on things. "Well, what does Jesus think about this?" And maybe you get His Book open to find out.

When you include Jesus in teachable moments and you include His perspective, He becomes real, when you get together to tell Him that you love Him as a family, when you tell Him that you're sorry, maybe in their presence. When you send them off with Him and say, "Have a nice day with Jesus." That's spiritual reality.

My wife and I learned what a difference another person could make when that person entered our family. Well, when that person happens to be the Lord Jesus, He will make all the difference at your house.



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