November 20, 2019

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Motivation - that's the art of getting a person to do something. We're all in the motivating business. You may be motivating people to go somewhere, or to do a job, to correct a weakness in their life, to change their ways, to finish what they start, to do what you want them to do. Motivation comes in a lot of forms. You can inspire people to do it. You can threaten them if they don't do it. You can love them into doing it; put an arm around them and say, "Come on, Buddy." You can help them do it. You could pitch in and show them how and be willing to do your part.

But the number one selection on the motivation hit parade is that tried and true method called nagging. Just keep bringing it up; just keep pushing for it; keep talking about it. Eventually you'll wear them down and they'll do it just to get you off their back. That might get the job done, but it may not do much to enhance your relationship. Unfortunately, nagging often works with very damaging results.

I'm Ron Hutchcraft and I want to have A Word With You today about "Nagged to Death."

I guess I'd have to define nagging as motivation by erosion; just wear them down. That's what Delilah did to Sampson. You remember the story that the Philistines had not been able to defeat the supernatural strength of Sampson. Of course his secret was that it was in his hair, and his hair should never be cut, and he had never told anyone. The Philistines paid beautiful Delilah to fall in love with Sampson and to find the secret of his strength. Three times she asked in a very cozy romantic situation, and three times he gave her a misleading answer that proved the Philistines could not conquer him. He had not given his secret.

But you know what? He finally told her, and the result was his capture, his humiliation by the Philistines and ultimately his death as their prisoner. How did she do it? Judges 16:16 - "With much nagging she prodded him day after day until he was tired to death. So he told her everything." Sampson was worn down, and he ended up doing something he was sure he would never do. Well, he's not the only one.

Could that be happening to you right now? Maybe you've got your own Delilahs - people in your life who want you to live as they do, to lower your standards, to compromise what you believe. And they're after you day after day to do it. Right? And you have been sure you would never do that. But maybe you're weakening. You're about to be nagged to death.

Sampson was nagged to his death literally. Don't cave in. You think you've got pressure now? Wait until you give in to sin; wait until you compromise. You ain't seen nothin' yet! Maybe you need to get away from the people who are wearing you down. Maybe that's not possible.

Okay, then, seek the Lord for daily supernatural strength to stand strong as His man, His woman. This is a day-by-day battle; one day at a time. Determine to be the one who is the changer, not the changee. You are the make-a-difference person. You're going to represent Christ to them. There's too much at stake if they don't see Jesus in you. You're their best hope of heaven possibly. Now, listen, they're not going to change you if you make that kind of a commitment. You're going to do your very best to change them.

Anchor yourself every morning in Jesus' expectation for your life. Anchor yourself to His lordship over your life. Spend some quality time with Jesus at the beginning of your day. And, again, offer yourself to be all his. You've got to be with him so He's real for You for that day.



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