Tuesday, November 13, 2018

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I was in the room when my friend Bob went up to the speaker for the day and made a fairly startling statement. He took his three young children with him, pointed to them, and said to this speaker, “If it weren’t for you, these children wouldn’t be here.” Needless to say, the gentleman looked at him curiously. But that was not an overstatement.  And it attested to a dramatic miracle that my friend had experienced.

I’m Ron Hutchcraft and I want to have A WORD WITH YOU today about “Unexplainable Changes.”

Bob went on to explain what had happened the night this speaker spoke at a men’s rally that he had attended. The speaker had presented the difference that Jesus Christ can make when he comes into a person’s life, and that night Bob decided to commit his life to this Jesus.

Well, Bob and his wife would tell you—they had been headed for a divorce. There was really little hope that their marriage was going to have a future. But something miraculous began that night of Bob’s spiritual commitment. His wife got a new husband! Oh, he looked a lot like the old one, but he acted like a new man. He started becoming the selfless husband he had never been able to be before and their love was reborn. And speaking of born, three children come along after that—born from a love that had been on the verge of dying. If you ask Bob how his marriage was saved and transformed, he’d probably give you a simple, one-word answer—Jesus.

This Jesus is the same person who can bring into your life a miraculous change; a change that only He can make. The story of a blind man Jesus healed is the story of millions of people across the centuries. It’s my story. It’s a story of many people I know.

Our word for today from the Word of God tells about it - John 9:25. This now healed blind man is being interrogated by religious leaders who hate Jesus and are trying to smear Him for healing on the Sabbath day. As they press the healed man for his opinion of Jesus, he answers with these compelling words, “One thing I know. I was blind but now I see!” Like my friend Bob, this man said, “Look, I can’t answer all your questions about Jesus. All I can tell you is there are changes in my life that unexplainable—except for Jesus!”

I know so many people who would tell you the same thing, including me. My friends whose addictions and appetite for what once addicted them were gone overnight, the people who were victims of serious hurt or abuse who don’t see themselves as victims anymore—they’re healers of other wounded people, those who were once sexually irresponsible who are living pure today, the volcanic tempers that Jesus has tamed, the sins of previous generations that have been miraculously stopped in this generation by Jesus.

Maybe it’s finally time for you to experience this miraculous, life-changing power of Jesus Christ. You’re missing so much when you’re missing Jesus. You see, you belong to Him when you acknowledge to Him that you’ve run you own life long enough, and when you put all your trust in Jesus and His death for your sins on the cross. And the fact that He is alive today and ready to walk into your life upon your invitation. At that moment, He comes into your life and He changes what no one else could ever change.

Are you ready to begin a relationship like this with Jesus? Would you tell Him that? Say, “Jesus, I’m Yours. I believe You died for me. I believe You walked out of Your grave under your own power to give me eternal life, and I want to be your man (your woman) beginning today.”

Our website is there with the information that will help you at this crossroads moment to be sure you’ve begun this relationship, and to learn there how this life-change can actually take place. What the Bible describes as becoming “a new creation in Christ”. The website is It’s a good name for it.

You’ve probably heard that old hymn, Amazing Grace, “I once was lost but now am found—was blind but now I see.” That could be you—today.



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