Anyone who has taken their child to Disney World has almost surely been required by Junior or Junioretta to ride ‘the ride’. It’s this little boat you take along the winding path of a brightly colored canal. You’re surrounded on all sides by singing dolls representing children from every part of the world. And they’re all singing the same song with the same refrain: “It’s a small world, after all.” Over and over again, they sing, “It’s a small world after all ... It’s a small, small world.” And it’s cute – for a while. But after the 93rd chorus of that little song, you’re ready to swim the rest of the way just to get out of that tunnel. Inside you’re screaming, “I’m sick of a small, small world!” Actually, that’s how a lot of us are feeling about our life.

Well, I'm Ron Hutchcraft and I want to have A WORD WITH YOU today about “Called To Greatness.”

There’s a reason you may be tired of your small, small world. It’s because you’ve been called to greatness by Jesus Christ – and you know you’re supposed to make a bigger difference with the rest of your life than you’ve made until now. As full as your life is, it may not be fulfilling – even though you’re loving Jesus and trying to live for Him.

If you’re ready to break out into a larger, more significant future, then you’re ready for the magnificent obsession that comes from the heart of God and into your heart. Our “sick and tired of the status quo” feelings are actually a magnet drawing us toward the greater greatness for which we were created. Our restlessness is a holy discontentment, planted in our heart by God Himself. In fact, if you’re one of God’s spiritually restless ones right now, there’s great news for you: Restlessness usually precedes a powerful touch of God on a person’s life.

According to Ecclesiastes 3:11, you and I have “eternity in our hearts”. There’s a dimension of you that cannot be fulfilled by anything that will end. So a life that is filled mostly with earth-stuff and earth-pursuits is going to be patently unsatisfying. Your “small world” restlessness may be your heart’s warning light that you have an “eternity deficit”. Sure, you have eternity after you die, but you’re hungry for some eternity in the years between now and then.

God has made you restless for more because He wants to eternalize your life – to make it count for that which will last forever. And you’ll never be satisfied with less – no job accomplishment, no home, no bank account, no sport, and no earth-stuff. And how do you “eternalize” the rest of the days of your life. You pursue the destiny God describes so vividly in our word for today from the Word of God in Daniel 12:3 - “Those who lead many to righteousness will shine like the stars for ever and ever.” There it is – the destiny for which your heart is hungry – leading many to righteousness!

In other words, God wants you to take some people to heaven with you! To join Jesus in the rescue mission for which He died – “to seek and to save what was lost” (Luke 19:10). There is nothing more eternal you can do with your life and your influence than to help someone be with you forever in heaven – because you committed yourself to telling the people in your world about a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Maybe you’ve been settling for less than that, but you’re tired of that “small, small world”, aren’t you? It’s time for you to answer Jesus’ call to greatness ... to commit yourself to rescuing spiritually dying people, whatever it takes. Talk about greatness – you will “shine like the stars for ever and ever”!

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