Will you be a rescuer to those dying without Christ all around you? Rescue them because someone rescued you. Rescue them because it's your God-given mission. Don't be silent any longer with the life-or-death information about the cross of Jesus Christ. Follow Daniel's example by doing what is right by choosing to use your position and influence to point others to Jesus. Discover five key rescue principles in the e-book: "Your Globally Positioned Life: Five Rescue Principles From the Life of Daniel" by Ron Hutchcraft.


In this nine-page PDF, learn the following practical rescue principles to help turn people you know to Jesus:

Live Consistently - Daniel had total integrity and he was trustworthy. He got the job done and worked with excellence. Often it is the inconsistencies in our life that cause others to disregard God. What you do and how you behave makes all the difference in the world when you know someone is watching you. You may be the only God person they know. They are judging Him by you, and His reputation is tied to how you live. Show them the Jesus difference by living consistently.

Win Their Respect - Others should see something different in you. Win the respect of others by working and living in this world as a person of God. Stand out by exhibiting a difference that would be meaningful to them. Show them the meaningful difference Jesus has made in you. Live in such a way to establish yourself as the spiritual go-to person. Win their respect so you can point them to Jesus Christ.

Treat Them With Respect - Handle situations respectfully and address the people you're talking to with utmost respect. Respect wins you the right to be heard and opens closed hearts. It is important to show others respect for their beliefs and for their privacy. Respect them by asking for their permission before you tell them more about the difference Jesus would make in their life.

Look for Rescue Opportunities - You might think you don't have many opportunities, but opportunities to bring up Jesus are all around for those with eyes to see them. The three-open prayer is a revolutionary prayer for someone who has a heart for the lost. "Lord, open a door. Lord, open their heart. Lord, open my mouth when the opportunity comes." If you will pray the three open prayer every day of your life, you will have the most amazing natural opportunities. Use your personal hope story to tell others about the difference Jesus makes in your life.

Deliver God's Message Clearly - Daniel was so faithful in delivering God's message. He saw many opportunities to tell others about the God of heaven. Be the living proof of your message by the way you live and rescue them by telling them about Jesus. Stick to Jesus and His cross. You want them to know Jesus, what He did on the cross for them, and that they can have this special personal relationship. The most important thing you could ever do is to tell others about the sacrifice Jesus made for them.

The greatest possible difference you could make with the rest of your life is to help others be in heaven with you.

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