Will you do whatever it takes to rescue the children all around you who are dying spiritually? Jesus wants you to make a difference in young lives, and He is calling you to go out with the focus of rescuing those around you who need His love. The Father in heaven is not willing that any of those little ones should be lost.

Discover how to rescue lost children in this seven-page e-book: "So Young, So Lost: How to Rescue Lost Children" by Ron Hutchcraft.

The following will be discussed in this PDF:

Three Mandates From the Heart of Jesus - Children really matter, children are lost, and children must be rescued. Treat children with the value Jesus places on them. If a child doesn't come to Christ by the age of 18, they will probably spend eternity without Him. Children today are facing some situations unlike any children have ever had to face in the history of this nation. They need a rescuer.

Leave the Walls of Your Church and Build a Team - You’ve got to go where the lost children are. Start a ministry outside the walls of your church to rescue children, because the children who need you the most aren’t in those walls. Instead of just working with the people in your church, work together in community-wide alliances to come together and make a difference that you could never make separately.

Focus on Jesus and Keep It Simple - Stick to Jesus and His cross by telling children the stories of Jesus found in the Gospels. You need to start with the very basics of who He is and what He did for them. Speak to them about Jesus in a way that they can understand, because what you have to say is very important.

Treat Them Special and Make It Exciting - Children need to know that God made everyone special and that they are very important to Him. There are many kids who have been treated very poorly, and we need to reach out and share God's love with them. Today's kids are the products of a powerful, media culture. Present the truth of Jesus Christ in an exciting way.

Encourage Them to Have a Mission and Give Them Love - Children should be encouraged to go make a difference because they have the greatest influence to reach their friends for Christ. Their maturity is accelerating in our culture, so let’s capture that for Christ. If you have the ability to make a child feel really important when they're with you, you can be a life changer. Whoever loves them first will have their life.

Help reach some children for Christ who will die spiritually without your rescue effort. Jesus is asking for your help!

Click here to download the e-book, which addresses the issue of how to rescue lost children.



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