When you're doing earth with a heaven heart, you see every person in your world as a forever person and not just a creature of time. You understand that they're headed for one of two destinations. The good news is that the people you know in your community who are on God's lost list could still change lists if they had a rescuer - somebody who's within the reach of that person to literally be a magnet that pulls them to Jesus Christ.

Find out how to reach the lost for Jesus in the e-book, "Six Magnets to Pull People to Jesus" by Ron Hutchcraft.

The following will be discussed in this seven-page PDF:

A Life They Can't Argue With

The main reason people don't come to Christ is what they've seen in Christians. When you represent your Savior, a person ought to feel more important not less important when you've talked to them. Offer Jesus gently with respect and live a life that can't be questioned.

A Story They Can't Deny

If you know Him, you have a story to tell. Explain what Jesus has done for you and the difference He has made in your life. Every Christian has a personal story of hope telling what their life would be like if it weren't for Jesus. Listen to their story to win you the right to tell your hope story, then embed in your hope story the love story of Jesus.

A Positiveness They Want

Many times others will be watching when you are going through the worst storms of life. When they see you, they should see hope like a lighthouse in a storm.

A Rock to Build a Life On

Jesus offers the people you know something solid to build their life around. You have the information on which their eternity depends and the Rock they could build on that will withstand every storm.

A Jesus Who Died

Jesus took our place on the cross and died for us. Take them to the cross and let them stand at the foot of a blood stained cross and say "For me. For me." Don't encumber the Gospel with other things, because the importance lies in the cross and an empty tomb.

A Savior Who's Alive

We have been born again to a Living Hope and that hope is a person. You don't have a religion to give them, you have a person. If Jesus can conquer death, He can conquer anything they're fighting in their life. This is not about a religion, beliefs, or rituals; it's about a person death could not hold. Stick to Jesus because it's all about Him.

Move beyond your fear to be a rescuer, and bring people to Jesus. God has placed you among people whose lives are at stake and you are His assigned rescuer. Would you be more afraid of what will happen to them than what might happen to you, and reach for them while there's time?

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