The following perspectives will be discussed in this eight-page e-book:

You Carry God's Name - We wander from our destiny when we forget who we really are. If you know who you are as Daniel did, you carry God around inside you. The people of God were first called Christians because lost people looked at them and called them "little Christ." When you bear the name of Christ, live a life worthy of His name.


You're Playing to an Audience of One - Something radical happens in your life when you decide you only need the approval of the Creator of the universe. You cannot be a man-pleaser and a God-pleaser at the same time. His voice and approval is all that matters.

You're Uniquely Qualified by God - You have been put where you are with the gifts that you have to make a unique difference for Jesus Christ. God has uniquely qualified you to do the things He has prepared for you to do and you have everything you need to do what He put you here to do.

You’re Making Unholy Places Holy Ground - As a believer in Jesus Christ, you have three choices; you can become a cocooner, a conformer, or a make-a-difference person. We have a short time to help some people be in heaven with us. You’ve got to light up the place where you are, and be fully engaged while fully God’s. You are where you are to punch some holes in the darkness.

You Represent Your King With Excellence - No matter what you're doing, there is only one kind of effort worthy of your King and that would be your very best. Anything you do as a follower of Jesus Christ should be done with all your heart, whether it be in your work, when you listen to somebody else, when you pray, when you study, or whatever else you're doing. Set a standard of excellence.

Follow Daniel's example and live an extraordinary life!

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