Are you making the right decisions in this morally-confused world? Right choices can be difficult to make in a world that has chosen to leave Christian values behind.

Knowing how to make a moral decision is pointless if you're not convinced that doing the right thing is the smart thing. Doing the wrong thing can be pleasurable and the Bible doesn't deny that there is pleasure in sin. There are, though, advantages in doing the right thing and they last a long time compared to the advantages of sin that are short lived. What God says is right is for our happiness, our protection, and for our own good. He has given us a clearly marked out road for how to decide a moral issue.

It's important to know what the Bible says and the issues that it clearly settles. Today, there are so many choices you have to make that aren't covered by any list of rules. The Bible leaves us principles that cover every choice we make. They can be summarized into five principles that can equip you to make moral choices for the rest of your life.

The following Biblical principles will be included in this seven-page e-book:

Christ's Control Is Important

If there is a habit you can't stop doing, then it's controlling you. A grudge is wrong because it controls you. Friends were never meant to control you—even Christian friends. A dating relationship is a beautiful thing unless the guy or girl controls you, taking God's place in your life. Anything of the world that controls you is wrong because it challenges the control of Christ in your life.

Your Body Is Important

Since God resides in you as a Christian, what you do with your body is very important and anything that hurts or degrades it is wrong. There is often a struggle with things which hurt and degrade the body, but in Christ you can be victorious.

Your Representation of Jesus Is Important

Your representation of Jesus is always on the line with whatever you say or do and conveys what Jesus is like to somebody else. Therefore, anything that will contradict what Jesus is like to a non-Christian is wrong. Remember that your representation of Jesus is important and shouldn't be compromised.

Time Is Important

The picture of a Christian is someone who has a lot to do in a short lifetime. Anything that wastes your time is wrong. Although something might be constructive for one person, it might be a waste of time for someone else. A lot can depend on how much time you spend doing something, remembering that time is important and shouldn't be wasted.

Other People Are Important

It is a sin against Christ to encourage your neighbor to do something they think is wrong. You hurt people when you use them and when you offend them. Your life needs to be controlled by love. It isn't that you're a slave to someone else, it's that you love them and you don't want to hurt someone you love.The Holy Spirit of God living in your life will build a bridge between these principles and every situation you will face so that you can be a model of what God had in mind for a lifestyle on planet earth.

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