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On Eagles' Wings® is a movement of Native young people that want to bring Hope to their reservations through Jesus Christ. This Hope a relationship with Jesus Christ brings is the only Hope that lasts.

Every summer, our OEW team travels across the United States and Canada holding events as part of the Summer of Hope. For over 20 years, our team has gone to share their personal Hope stories with other Native young people. We also work to encourage and equip local partners that are already serving in an area.

We also host a annual discipleship conference called Warrior Leadership Summit. WLS was created to encourage and equip Native young people who want to grow in their faith and make a difference for Jesus Christ. If you would like more information about On Eagles Wings, Warrior Leadership Summit, Summer of Hope or OEW Films, please visit their website.


Your donation to OEW will assist RHM in supporting Native young people bring the message of hope to their reservations.


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Keep up to date with the Summer of Hope here - read and watch how God is working in Native America.



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