It's becoming a "girlfriends" thing to do on Valentine's Weekend. "Let's check out 'Fifty Shades of Grey.'"

Opening weekend for a movie that's about a young woman becoming the object of a man's sado-masochistic sexual bondage.

It seems odd that it would be something so many women want to see. Especially when our culture has fought so passionately to elevate the dignity and worth of women.



It opens in theaters on Valentine's Weekend. How ironic.

"Fifty Shades of Grey." A 100-million selling book, called by many "mommy porn." Evidently, it's known for its portrayal of a young virgin's seduction into sado-masochistic sex in a charming man's "room of pain." Now a movie with the fastest-selling advance ticket sales in online history.

A friend just told me it's the talk of the women in her office. Forty and 50-year-old women "giggling like schoolgirls." Dying to see it. To see a woman submitting to sexual violence in the name of "exploring her dark desires."





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