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Dear Friend,

You've never met Danny* - but, humanly speaking, he owes his life to friends like you. You helped him get to the place where God saved his soul - and probably his life.

Because Danny was on his way to becoming another tragic reservation statistic.

Danny grew up surrounded by men who spent much of their lives drunk. And often violent. Too many times, he was on the receiving end - including the time he was beaten to the point of nearly being paralyzed for life.

And then there were the funerals. The fresh graves of all the cousins and friends who died violently - some by their own hand. So much pain. So much grief. A heart turned hard.

Virtually every official or news anchor who reports on the Boston Marathon tragedy asks us to pray. Scripture asks, "When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?" Then it answers with this incredibly reassuring reality: "The Lord is in His holy temple; the Lord is on His heavenly throne" (Psalm 11:3-4). Prayer allows us to go to that Throne from which the galaxies are governed and focus all the resources of a loving God on the people and pain of Boston. As we focus on what the Bible reveals of who God is, we will know how to pray powerfully, effectively and decisively.

Dear Friend,

You never met Jim. But you got in his car and helped him find Jesus.

Jim volunteered to drive me to a youth festival where I was speaking. He said he felt like he already knew me. Because one morning, frustrated by rush hour traffic - and his life, he stumbled on a Christian station.

"Does God Care About Me?" is one of the videos you've enabled us to produce. This video has now logged 1.5 million views from 210 countries! It's one of the clearest, most-watched Gospel presentations on the Internet!

In the past 12 months, over 40,000 young people have indicated that they prayed to open their heart to Christ after watching this video! From a stewardship perspective, that breaks down to $2.35 spent for each of those responses. Thank you for being part of this amazing rescue breakthrough!

That's exactly what you're enabling our team to do, through the amazing technology of our time.

Do you have any resolutions in mind for 2013? Unfortunately, most New Year's Resolutions fail. Why is it so hard to change? How can you get a strategy for personal change that can actually work?

"The New You" by author and radio host Ron Hutchcraft, is a mini e-book with practical ideas for improvement in your life. No matter what your goals are for change, Ron has powerful insights for developing a "new you."

Dear Friend,


That's the word that describes the times you and I are living in. I know you watch the news as I do - through the lens of God's revelation in the Bible. And we see in the anger and flames, the terror and upheaval, a world that feels strangely - Biblically - familiar.

Here is a creative way to share the Good News of Jesus!

Share these videos with lost people you know!

  • Share with your lost friends through social media: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter.
  • Only 60 seconds long.
  • Creative. Effective. Powerful.

Dear friend,

In November 2011, a girl named Ashley Billasano took her life after posting 144 messages on Twitter describing her years of sexual abuse. Whether she was telling the wrong people or her voice was simply lost in the sea of online voices and information, no one reached out to Ashley to help.

It would break your heart - as it does mine - to read what young people are saying to us...

"Help me, I am falling faster and faster."

"I feel like committing suicide..."

"I've done so many bad things."

"I'm completely lost."

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries continues to touch and impact lives through media. Recently, RHM crossed the milestone of 100,000 Facebook fans, and growing. These fans represent numerous countries from around the world, including the Philippines, Pakistan, India, and Egypt.

Facebook fans engage daily with life-changing content from RHM, including a carefully selected "verse of the day," quotes, interactive questions, videos, and links to blogs, articles, e-books, and more.

"It is amazing to see the global response to this Facebook page," says RHM's Senior Director of Mobilization. "Around the world, people are hungry for a more authentic relationship with Jesus. Through RHM Facebook, a community of people are reading, sharing, and discovering practical insights that are changing lives."

One reader said, "I have been living a life with so much pain and sorrow. I've been alone for so long and this shadow that follows me around everyday won't let me go. As of today, I give my life to God and I give him my heart...God, I am Yours!"

Other exciting Social Media Milestones for RHM: the youth media outreach, The Doug and Jon Show, has crossed over 135,000 "Likes." This Facebook page is geared towards today's young people. Teenagers from around the world find humor, video, and stories, that point them towards an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ.

One person wrote, "I can't say how much this site has helped me. It has answered so many questions and I want to say a big thank you."

Lives are being touched and changed every day for Christ.

If you're on Facebook, "Like" these pages, and share with your social network these valuable tools and resources that are transforming lives!

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Thank you!

As you observe the world in which we live, do you ever get the sense that things are a mess? Wars, disasters, financial crisis, broken families, hurt, pain...the list goes on and on.

How do we make sense of all of this? How do we fix this broken world?

There are many worthy causes to support, and get behind. Here at Ron Hutchcraft Ministries, we believe passionately that at the very top of God's list is to change people's eternity's from hell to heaven.

April 2012 is the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. Ron Hutchcraft has written several resources that take examples from this historical event that we can learn from, and they are freely available to you to read, apply and share.

I am sure you are hearing plenty about the Titanic, as this month marks the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the "unsinkable ship."

Not too long ago, I was able to visit the cemetery in Nova Scotia. My visit was deeply moving. Especially the rows of nameless graves marked simply, "April 15, 1912." Their graves face that vast ocean where they were lost.

Twenty years ago this month, God broke my heart and changed my life forever.

It was March 1992. A speaking engagement on a reservation brought me face-to-face with the most broken young people I'd ever seen in all my years of youth ministry. The day I left for that assignment, the largest study ever done on Native American young people was released. It called them "the most devastated adolescents in America." After 20 years of fighting their addictions, hearing them pour out unspeakable pain, and grieving over many of their funerals, that devastation is deeply personal - a heavy burden in my soul.

For most folks, it was just a blip on the evening news. Not for me. I can't get it out of my mind.

As of a few weeks ago, there are seven billion people on this planet. That's what demographers see. Seven billion souls - all of whom will spend eternity in heaven or hell. That's what God sees. A world of people whose only hope is Jesus.

When Jesus was born, the angel said this "good news of great joy" was for "all the people." When Jesus was about to leave, He said, "Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone" (Mark 16:15 - NLT).



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