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Dear Friend,

You've never met Danny* - but, humanly speaking, he owes his life to friends like you. You helped him get to the place where God saved his soul - and probably his life.

Because Danny was on his way to becoming another tragic reservation statistic.

Danny grew up surrounded by men who spent much of their lives drunk. And often violent. Too many times, he was on the receiving end - including the time he was beaten to the point of nearly being paralyzed for life.

And then there were the funerals. The fresh graves of all the cousins and friends who died violently - some by their own hand. So much pain. So much grief. A heart turned hard.

Virtually every official or news anchor who reports on the Boston Marathon tragedy asks us to pray. Scripture asks, "When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?" Then it answers with this incredibly reassuring reality: "The Lord is in His holy temple; the Lord is on His heavenly throne" (Psalm 11:3-4). Prayer allows us to go to that Throne from which the galaxies are governed and focus all the resources of a loving God on the people and pain of Boston. As we focus on what the Bible reveals of who God is, we will know how to pray powerfully, effectively and decisively.

Dear Friend,

You never met Jim. But you got in his car and helped him find Jesus.

Jim volunteered to drive me to a youth festival where I was speaking. He said he felt like he already knew me. Because one morning, frustrated by rush hour traffic - and his life, he stumbled on a Christian station.

"Does God Care About Me?" is one of the videos you've enabled us to produce. This video has now logged 1.5 million views from 210 countries! It's one of the clearest, most-watched Gospel presentations on the Internet!

In the past 12 months, over 40,000 young people have indicated that they prayed to open their heart to Christ after watching this video! From a stewardship perspective, that breaks down to $2.35 spent for each of those responses. Thank you for being part of this amazing rescue breakthrough!

That's exactly what you're enabling our team to do, through the amazing technology of our time.

Do you have any resolutions in mind for 2013? Unfortunately, most New Year's Resolutions fail. Why is it so hard to change? How can you get a strategy for personal change that can actually work?

"The New You" by author and radio host Ron Hutchcraft, is a mini e-book with practical ideas for improvement in your life. No matter what your goals are for change, Ron has powerful insights for developing a "new you."

Here is a creative way to share the Good News of Jesus!

Share these videos with lost people you know!

  • Share with your lost friends through social media: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter.
  • Only 60 seconds long.
  • Creative. Effective. Powerful.

April 2012 is the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. Ron Hutchcraft has written several resources that take examples from this historical event that we can learn from, and they are freely available to you to read, apply and share.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries' Summer of Hope is an all-out spiritual rescue effort to reach hurting and ignored young Native Americans. This year, God raised up 50 sold-out young warriors from 24 tribes for the On Eagles' Wings team! The team visited nine reservations and conducted 27 major outreach events in 26 days. Lives and eternities were changing!

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What is it like when an On Eagles' Wings team of young Native Americans visits a reservation? Here is a typical three-day visit.

Day One - Arrival

On this hot, July day, the temp has reached into the mid-90s. The OEW Team arrives with a bus, a handful of other vehicles, and an equipment trailer. In this rural Native community, a group arriving like this is a big deal!

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ThisWLS Logo month, several hundred Native American young people, representing dozens of Native tribes from all corners of North America, will convene for the annual Warrior Leadership Summit (WLS) Native Youth Discipleship Conference!

It is hard to believe that the Ron Hutchcraft Ministries headquarters building is now ten years old! It was ten years ago when the doors opened for the first time on this facility we call "The Miracle in the Ozarks" - completely dedicated to reaching people for Jesus. Today, the RHM headquarters building is an ongoing "buzz of rescue," with a staff of nearly 40 people working every day to impact the world for Jesus!

It's amazing how quickly you can get 300 college men to change their plans on a moment's notice. It's late at night. We're all up in our rooms studying, sleeping, or goofing off. Yet, within a matter of minutes all 300 men are out of their rooms - out of the dorm. It is amazing what one fire bell can do, isn't it? There was no fire, just a fire drill. But the call summoned us out of our rooms and out into the night.

We Serve the Risen SaviorA team of archaeologists unearthed two large red granite statues in southern Egypt at the mortuary temple of one of the most powerful pharaohs, who ruled nearly 3,400 years ago, the Culture Ministry recently reported. A ministry statement said the team discovered a 13-foot (four-meter) statue of Thoth, the ancient god of wisdom and the top part of a statue of Pharaoh Amenhotep III standing next to another god.

Battle for a Generation

The numbers are staggering:

  • Suicide among children ages 10 to 14 has increased 120% in 12 years.
  • 1 of 3 American teenagers has considered suicide and 1 out of 7 has attempted it.
  • The homicide rate among 14 to 17 year olds has increased 165% in 10 years.
  • Marijuana use has almost doubled in 2 years.
  • Alcohol use among minors has been described by a former surgeon general as "out of control."

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