Tuesday, November 22, 2016

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If you're a photographer, you love seagulls. They soar so gracefully, almost like they're posing for the camera. They're beautiful – when they're alone. When they're together – not so beautiful. One gets on a perch, another comes and "boom!" knocks him off. One gets some food, others attack him for it. Actually, scientists put a red band on the leg of one seagull to find out what would happen. He was pecked to death by the other seagulls because he had something they didn't.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

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Our son-in-law was visiting his grandfather in Florida, with a nice Florida view outside his bedroom window-grapefruit trees. It wasn't all a happy view though. Many of the grapefruit were actually rotting on the ground. His grandfather wasn't up to harvesting them anymore. So those grapefruit got all ready to be picked and no one came, and they dropped to the ground and died.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

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Some friends of ours struggled with a wide variety of health issues over several years. And a while back, a trusted friend told them about a juice taken from a rare fruit that seemed to have measurably improved their health, and the health of several people that they love. Well, our friends invested in that juice, and they liked the early results. I can just imagine what would have happened, though, if some telemarketer had called them cold and tried to sell this product to them. "Hey, I have some juice for you." Click. See, I know these people. They never would have bought it from some professional salesman. But, you know, it helped when someone like them, someone they knew and trusted was the one who told them about it. They wanted what she believed in. They wanted what was changing her.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

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I heard mooing from our kitchen. Yeah, but there wasn't a cow in the kitchen. No, it was my wife. No, she wasn't mooing. She was doing something that caused the mooing sound. I bought my wife these charming salt and pepper shakers in honor of her farm upbringing. The pepper shaker is a pig and the salt shaker is a cow. Whenever you turn over the pepper shaker, you cause it to start this pig-snorting sound, which I will not demonstrate. The salt shaker cow works in the same way. So when I hear that mooing from the kitchen, I know it's announcing that the salt is doing what the salt is supposed to do-which is get out of that salt shaker!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

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Telephone etiquette is usually one of the last things children learn-if they ever learn it! In fact, I sometimes kind of cringe when a child answers the phone. You never know if they're going to hang up, or if they're going to yell into the phone, "Hey, Mom!" or if they're just going to put down the phone and forget to tell anyone that you're waiting. Ah, but the daughter of a friend of ours...oh, a pleasant exception. The family visited our office a while back, and when they got home, I called and the little girl answered. Very polite, very coherent, very competent. I said, "Hey, girl, how would you like to be my secretary?" She must have seen how crazy that job is when they were in our headquarters, because she answered immediately...oh, not with a yes-not with a no. She just said, "Uh, how about my brother?"

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

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It was four months after the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center that a moving postscript was added to the accounts of rescue heroism that we had already heard. Some 343 firefighters lost their lives on September 11, going in to rescue people at a time when everyone else was fleeing. But a subsequent review of the fatalities actually revealed that sixty of those who died were "off duty" when they rushed into the burning towers at the World Trade Center. Some of the firefighters who gave their lives that day had been home or working second jobs when they heard about the fires at the towers and they sped to the scene in taxis or in their own cars. A fire department spokesman said, "Those who were 'off duty' joined those who were already working in a valiant and courageous effort to save as many lives as possible."

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

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The Kentucky Derby always has its share of drama. The 2006 Kentucky Derby was a blowout. A horse named Barbaro took the lead in America's most famous race and left every other horse in the dust. Barbaro won the Kentucky Derby by an astounding 6 ½ lengths! Many thought that horse could go on to be one of the few who has ever won the Triple Crown. Well, sadly, an injury ended that dream. But it didn't take away the glory of Barbaro's dramatic Kentucky Derby victory.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

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Our daughter was a high school student on the East Coast, our son-in-law in the Midwest when they met. And how did they meet when they lived 800 miles apart? The introducers! Yes, that would be my friend Chuck and me. I was going to Chicago for the kickoff broadcast of my new youth broadcast, which included live call-in. But since I wasn't sure anybody would call the first time, I asked our producer to help me make sure we had some teenage dialog by having a guy and a girl in the studio with me. The subject was, appropriately enough, "The Three Lies of the Dating Game." I brought my daughter; Chuck brought this cool guy from the Chicago suburbs. And my producer and I got to introduce them. It was not love at first sight. No, but it was the first chapter in what became a lifetime love! I think they owe my friend Chuck and me big-time. Because in many cases, no introducer, no relationship!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

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Part of the incredible impact of the attacks on the World Trade Center was that everyday people suddenly became national heroes. Fire trucks would roll through New York City with weary firefighters on board. You can picture it; I know that you can. And New Yorkers would erupt in spontaneous cheers; scenes we will never forget. Ground Zero, that devastated area at and around the site of the collapsed towers, became known as Ground Hero. Professional athletes, who are supposedly our nation's heroes in less turbulent times, kept saying, "We're not the heroes – they're the heroes." Americans will not soon forget those firefighters, the police, the medical personnel, and those countless volunteers who gave everything they had to try to rescue those who were caught in those collapsing towers. Honestly, the word "hero" may never be the same.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

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Well, our ministry was being honored with a gracious award from a Christian foundation, named in honor of a visionary pastor in a major American city. Before his sudden death some years ago, he'd been a powerful spiritual force in that city. But he didn't start out as a pastor. First, he was known and loved as a news anchorman for a major network station. On the night that changed his life forever, he went to cover a gang shooting. He reported at the spot where the killing had taken place with the chalk outline of the victim on the street behind him. He interviewed a gang member from the neighborhood and asked him, "Have you ever thought about living another way; getting out of this cycle of violence?" It was this young man's answer that rocked him: "How can you think about another way to live when you've never seen another way to live?" It was a question that ultimately caused that anchorman to change the whole direction of his life.



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