Valentine's Day is a great romantic "high." But what happens after the chocolates are eaten? When the flowers die? And the cards go into storage?

How do you create a "love relationship" that will go the distance? Where true love isn't celebrated one day a year, but every day?

Whether your relationship status is "married" or "thinking about getting married," many of us are ready for a breath of hope. How can we make the rest of our years, the best of our years?

Ron Hutchcraft provides practical insights for any woman wanting a thriving marriage. In the free e-book, "How to be the Wife of a Happy Husband," you'll discover:

  • Practical ways to help build bridges as a best friend to your husband
  • How to give your husband the confidence he needs
  • How to improve "happiness" in your marriage!Download Adobe PDF Reader

This 13-page document is in PDF format.