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By Brad Hutchcraft

My children love the Polar Express. A lot of kids do! There's a book, the blockbuster movie, and trains across the country that transform into the Polar Express. All these have one shared motto. "Believe."

With that simple word, they've got one of the most important keys to Christmas. But it's important to get what...and who...we believe in right. This is actually about believing in the Person of Christmas. A baby who entered the world just like you and me. Who entered the world on a mission.

Now, we get joy for awhile, but we need joy that lasts! The key to finding the real joy of Christmas is to believe that this baby, Jesus, came for you and me. And He gave everything He had on the cross. So you could live. He gave us the greatest gift at the highest price, and all He asks is that you believe in Him and ask Him into your heart.

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