By Ron Hutchcraft

From Rockefeller Center to our town square, there's a big Christmas tree, dark at first. It feels like Christmas starts when those lights go on.

Just like the first Christmas. The Bible says, "The One who is the true light...was coming into the world" (John 1:9). When Jesus comes, light comes.

That's good news. Especially with things getting darker - around us and in us. Maybe you can feel it - the loneliness, the depression, those dark feelings. Even in the middle of Christmas joy.

The source of the darkness in the world is what the Bible calls sin.

Doing life our way instead of God's way. That leads to brokenness between us - and between God and us. Which could only be healed by God's Son dying on the cross to pay for our sin. That's how much He loves us. Then He rose again, even defeating the darkness of death.

If life's been getting darker for you, this Christmas is when the Light could go on. Peace from God. Belonging to God. Let us show you how - at 888-NEED-HIM or

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