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By Doug Hutchcraft

My brother and I work with young people that have hard lives. Sometimes we feel that hurt with them. One Christmas we visited a theme park that was decorated beautifully. I remember Brad said, "Man, holiday decorations are always special, but ‘Wow!' did I really need the lights this year."

Maybe you've had that kind of year. Long, hard, chaotic, strained relationships, a dwindling bank account, even losing a loved one. Maybe for you it's more the heartbreak season than the holiday season.

Did you know that God's book says He has kept track of every tear you've cried, that He wants to wipe away each one and bring peace and purpose to your life? He doesn't want the pain of your past to define you any more. God's book says He binds up the brokenhearted. That when you begin a relationship with Him through Jesus' death and resurrection you can be forgiven and free!

You can find out more by calling 888-NEED-HIM or by going to and find the true light this Christmas.



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