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By Brad Hutchcraft

Recently I came across a gift I'd forgotten about. It's a gold number "76" that my mom gave me many years ago. That was the number I wore on our state championship football team, and my mom knew that was important to me.

I remember getting this gift the first time, but I was surprised by it again. Not because of the cost or even the football memories, but surprised by the love that went into the gift.

Christmas is a good time to be surprised again - by the One Who loves you most. Maybe you've heard a lot about Jesus growing up, or maybe you don't know what to think about Him. Whatever you've thought about Jesus before, this is a great time to take a new look.

In the book of John, Jesus reminds us that He is "the Light of the world," and that He has come so we can "have life." Because Jesus came into this world, died a horrible death on the cross, and walked out of His grave by His own power, you can have eternal life.

Wherever you're at with Jesus, draw close to Him and be surprised by the love you were made for. If you are ready for the love only Jesus can give you, connect with us at 888-NEED-HIM or With Jesus' love in your life, you can have your best Christmas yet.