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Each year, the place I work holds a family-friendly Christmas celebration. It's always fun, but last year's was a little different. We found ourselves in an old barn. The cows and chickens were replaced by Christmas trees and lights - but it was still pretty chilly in there.

Sounds a lot like that first Christmas, doesn't it? Baby Jesus arriving in a manger so many years ago. No Christmas tree, no mood lighting. Just a baby in a feeding trough, surrounded by some cattle, His parents, and some shepherds who probably smelled like sheep!

This Baby is none other than the Son of God, the Prince of Heaven! Born in a manger, dying on a cross to pay for every wrong thing you and I have ever done. Why? He said, "I have come that you may have life!" And the angels said, "To you is born a Savior." It's that personal!

Now that's real hope in a world that can often seem like that barn - looking nice but feeling pretty cold. If you'd like to experience this life-changing love of Jesus for yourself, contact us at 888-NEED-HIM, or So you don't just have Christmas. You have Christ!



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