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It's that "happy dance" moment of the Christmas season. When you're finally finished shopping! You've found all the things you were looking for.

At least for Christmas. But what about what we're looking for in life. We've been shopping for the answer to "why am I here?" since we were kids. And for a love that will fill the hole in our hearts. Oh, we've shopped. And come up empty.

This Christmas your lifelong shopping for peace and purpose and love can be over. Like it was for those wise men in the Christmas story. They traveled far, hoping to find what they were looking for. They came to where the star led - where Jesus was. And it says, "they bowed down and worshiped Him" (Matthew 1:11).

Now all these years we've been looking for the Relationship we were made for. With One who made us. A relationship broken by our sin but paid for with Jesus' blood on the cross. He's holding God with one hand and reaching for yours - to bring you together forever.

If you'll grab Him as your only hope. And we want to help - text us at 888-NEED-HIM or Your life-long search ends at the feet of Jesus.