Spiritual Rescue in the Internet JungleFriend,

If you would, join me in "becoming" under the age of 25 for a moment.

  • If you're a young person, life has never been more of a minefield.
  • You're surrounded by a culture of immorality that's packaged so attractively it seems impossible to resist. Almost everywhere you go, the spiritual wrecking ball of sin is waiting.
  • And it's so easy to find! Every flavor of sin is accessible where, according to one study, 97% of student-age people are spending 40% of their time...the internet.
  • You don't just visit the internet...you live there. After all, it's where your friends, your "tribe" hangs out. It's where you can find instant, customized entertainment, information, and relationships.
  • Lots of time searching on the internet means lots of time to find life-destroying lies. You'll definitely find people who want to hurt and use you. But will you find people who genuinely care about you? That care so much they will do all they can to share the only relationship in this life that can change your now and your eternity?

Friend, that is why TheDougAndJonShow.com exists. Our prayer is that multitudes of the three billion young people on this planet will find Jesus through two guys (and a girl) that love them so much they'll search for the Spark that makes them that way. And, all glory to God, that is happening even as you read this.

We are seeing lots of recent growth in numbers of people visiting the site. Over the past month thousands of people from dozens of countries have visited TheDougAndJonShow.com. There they've found loads of content that speaks the "youth culture" language - videos, cartoons, reviews, relationships, felt needs advice and more.

Since the site launched about 17 weeks ago, over 1,000 have chosen to hear how they can go to Heaven - and hundreds have indicated they've prayed with us to receive Jesus. We are encouraged to see God at work in this way...but we're convinced this is only the beginning!

As we partner together, our hope is that a student you know will find TheDougAndJonShow.com a haven. A place where they can "fill up" with clean entertainment, impacting conversations, and the lasting hope that is only found in a relationship with Jesus. We pray it's a place where "light shines out of the darkness" (2 Corinthians 4:6) in such a way that young people who already know Jesus will be excited to share it with their friends.

Ultimately, we pray it's an "internet rescue station"...where a young person searching for what will destroy them will instead find the One that can rescue them.

For His glory,

Doug Hutchcraft

Three Ways You Can Help TheDougAndJonShow.com Reach This Generation

  • Forward a link to the website to five young people, Christians or not, you think would be interested.
  • Prayerfully consider a financial gift "above and beyond" your usual RHM giving. The internet is one of the most competitive and therefore expensive mediums to offer an excellent, attractive product in. If God is speaking to your heart even now, you can click here to give.
  • Most importantly, pray specifically that the Holy Spirit would draw lost young people to the site, and that they would give their hearts to Jesus.



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