Monday, December 2, 2002

As the Hutchcraft kids were growing up, we had an interesting system of government in our house. I had one big vote, and theoretically, my one could count more than the other. Theoretically. In reality, that didn't happen too often. One technique our children mastered in our family decision process was very skillful lobbying. For example, the kids (let's say) got wind of the fact that Mom was planning to have casserole for dinner. But they wanted pizza. So they would send our youngest as the sacrificial lamb to ask me about pizza instead. Overruled. Pretty soon, I had two sons in my study asking, with their big sister, of course, managing this campaign behind the scenes down the hall. Again, no pizza. But then they would all three come together, telling me how much all of them wanted pizza. After consulting with Mom, we got pizza.

I'm Ron Hutchcraft and I want to have A Word With You today about "When the Kids All Agree."

To me as a father, there was power in our children asking together. Apparently, God feels the same way.

Our word for today from the Word of God talks about it in Matthew 18:19 and 20. God gives us an important secret of spiritual power: praying together. Jesus says, "I tell you, if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by My Father in heaven. For where two or three come together in My name, there I am with them." I don't know what's different in heaven between one of us asking alone and us asking together, but somehow it does make a difference.

Now our Heavenly Father is infinitely greater than any earthly father, but maybe we can learn something about His ways from the times our children come to us in agreement. It does something in our heart. It can affect the outcome. God likes it when His kids come to Him together for something.

Frankly, we Christians do far too little praying together, especially outside of formal prayer meetings. But it should be a natural way of life for believers, for Christian families, to stop and go to God together about an issue they care about. We can do it on the phone. We can do it in person. We don't need a prayer meeting to do it. We're so private, we're so self-conscious about saying something wrong, but God puts a premium on united prayer. Notice, the Lord's Prayer is "Our Father" not just "my Father." It's "our daily bread" and "deliver us from evil."

So what should you be doing when someone else is praying out loud? Sleeping? Planning ahead what you'll say when it's your turn? No, you "agree" with them in your heart. Enter into their requests, "Me too, Lord! I'm believing you for what my sister is asking. Learn the power of prayer triplets, where three believers pray together once a week for three lost people each. And join the growing movement of "Lighthouses of Prayer," where your home becomes the prayer center for reaching your neighborhood for Christ. It's an incredible movement right now and we've got some information on how your home can be a Prayer Lighthouse. I'd be glad to send that to you.

How many people are in a prayer triplet, by the way? Three? Wrong. Four! Jesus promised He would be there with you. Come to the Father together - as a married couple, as a family, as a group of Christian employees, as friends. And be prepared to see mountains moved and hearts changed, answers revealed, and lives transformed. Something special happens in our Father's heart when His kids all agree!



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